Holiday Baking

You might not know this, but something I’ve always loved to do is bake. Now I don’t mean buy a boxed cake and some frosting bake, I mean give me a hand mixer and some cocoa powder I’m making brownies bake. I even flirted with the idea of going to culinary school and working at a bakery (hey, maybe that’s an option for what’s next).

Since I’ve been home I’ve been enjoying baking. My mom has sent me some amazing recipes and after making a few they have been absolutely delicious.

The first one I was made was red velvet cookie sandwiches with cream cheese frosting . They are amazing. Now it might seem like this is kind of cheating because it technically uses a boxed cake, but hey you make you’re own frosting, so it’s not all a walk in her he park. They are absolutely worth the minimal work, though.


My one suggestion is to make them smaller than the recipe called for if you choose to sandwich them. They’re delicious, but a little rich to be a huge cookie. In my second batch I ended up making them 1/2 tablespoon balls instead of a full tablespoon, I liked it much better and it yielded more.

My second baking endeavor was peppermint Oreo chocolate chip brownies . These are also to die for.


These are not quite as as easy at the red velvet cookies, but they are so worth it. If you’re a baker they shouldn’t be too hard, but there are a few steps involved. On top of that, my moms house is considered high altitude we had to make a few adjustments for them to turn out properly. We were successful though, and came out of the process with two delicious pans of fresh brownies from scratch.

My mom dished up some plates for the neighbors and her coworkers and I can’t wait to see what everyone else things of them. I might even go to the store and get more supplies to make some more of them tomorrow.

What are some of your favorite recipes? The next one I want to make is egg nog cupcakes :)

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